Saturday, 30 May 2009

people .coming monday the 1 of juni all shops are closed in berlin .!!!

mathias and me went schoping for basic thinks like screws and plugs for the heinzminki ,
the 2 of juni we go to the bauhaus market to get all the stuff for the dmy ..
greeting j..m

Friday, 29 May 2009

dear follow students me and mathias have a great time here after the train trip we went to davids place
a nice appartment wiht a nice hostes (wife of david)
we started are berlin trip white a view beers at daids place and later on in the Heinz Minki. After the anoying championship gam, manchester lost, and another beer we heard the truth about heinz and minki.

Heinz is dead and his wife minki is living in a old peopels place. Jorge was shocked and dronk another beer. In the end he was very very sad and i had to bring him home.

After having some rest, we started de day very early with a short briefing and a nice discussion about what is art.

We almost forgot to go to our appointmet to clean up the heinz minki restaurant, but we managed althoug this adventure.
The 3 rooms are clean now, we just left domestic stuf inside for the atmosphere.

The manger in person was there as wel. Fabian is a quite relaxed person, you really can talk to him. We can do wat ever we want, if we rebuild the room after.

Let us know if we can arrange something for you. E-mail us !

Futheron we discoverd a bouwmarrket an made a wat we need list !

check out the pictures

have fun

the fantastic domestic two