Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Report Berlin Meeting:

Next meeting is 14 April at 10.00 am. Things to do for this meeting:

- Everybody make a scale model of 1:10 of there own works.

So that is for the works you want to present at the fair and in the house.

- Give exact sizes of the works and how you want to present it ( wall/floor, pedestal etc.

- We need a fake kachel as a centre piece in the fair presentation.

Bernardo and Martina and maybe others have ideas for this. Please make model of your idea and present next week.

- Jorge makes 1:10 model of the fair stand.

Test work and build week:

In the week of April 27 till May 1 we organize a building week.

Lets set out the floor plan of 6 by 10 meter and start building.

Make up teams who take charge of each aspect:

- walls of paper ( Saron)

- modules to build of other walls ( Jorge)

- lightning solutions ( Roy )

- Flyer, texts, stamps,posters ( Matthias)

- Pedestals, display possibilities within the stand ( who?)

- Performances and other events at the stand ( Q, Dorthe)

At the end of this week you can set up your own work in the presentation.


Make good pictures of your work for publicity and email it to gerben@sandberg before May 1st.

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