Friday, 5 June 2009

Essay: Domestic Making - the movie

Part of the Domestic Making project is a movie made by Maurits Koster en Rick van der Berg. In this movie the participating students of the Sandberg Institute are interviewed in their own home about what Domestic Making means for them. How do they think about home and daily life in relation to their works of design and art.

In case of HsiuHsuan Huang home is very much related to cooking. Cooking is making and cooking is home. As HsiuHsuan says: the concentration I have while preparing food is a similar kind of concentration when I make my jewellery.

Matthias Marzodko also has a interest for cooking, but more in a ritual way. Using products out of his own garden, taking care of the plants. It is about living and making crossover between art and daily life Matthias says.The design of a coffeepot is not so important, the transformation of coffee inside can become a ritual that fills up your life.

Anneke Jakobs questions why we need objects. She archived all objects of her parents house and started selling them on the internet. By asking the new buyers their motivation of wanting these objects she found out that domestic making has to do a lot with putting emotion in objects.

Saron Paz values the small and self-made. Poring tea, the smell of basil, domestic is the every day. While holding a wooden object (a keel of a boat) that he found on the street Saron says; I really don't know what this is, but it is self-made, made with very much effort and attention. Objects with these personal, unique values you have to treasure.

Anama Ponce Vazquez fills every corner of her house with little treasures. Domestic Making is about private space, about an atmosphere you create. Within this precious space you can feel free and safe to cook and play with the kids.

For Saara Vallineva books are her treasures. When I came in my new house I only had 3 books, now I have already 30 books. The books are my domestic surroundings. Maybe I have to sell them and create new space.

I have to change my living space every month Elena Goray says. I need my eyes to be happy. Combine different objects and it becomes your own house. Then I feel comfortable and can enjoy the beautiful view out of my window.

Apostos Ntelakos brings order, he makes systems of relationships with his personal belongings. By organising chaos the place becomes a home rather then a house.

With his architectural background Jorge Bakker likes to think about space but he doesn't care that much about his own space. I like the mobile and low tech. The experience of being in a space with friends, having a drink, eat and have fun, this make me feel at home.

Domestic is about territories says Q Hisashi Shibata. Nature is very much related to our domestic surroundings.And the nature of human is to meet each other, crossing our territories.

Martina Strusny is fascinated about the possibility humans have in creating their own surroundings. I would like to build my own stuff but I cannot really, when I was young I wanted a man who could build me house.

Dorthe Ingvardsen feels that the people in the space are so important. We make the domestic, that’s why my work shows the people in relation to the space.

Every space has a different function Bernardo Gaeiras says. In my studio I act different then in my bedroom. We always related to our direct surroundings. I like to take of my shoes and lay bare feet on my bed. I just woke up you know.

Marianne Lammersen is asking herself when your furniture is really yours? Is it the emotion, the objects with a story perhaps? So then you could say that the stories behind the objects are making the safe harbour of domestic surrounding.

In case of Chu Yu Chen his room is not his domain. It is about memory and cultural background he says. There is a lack, so your brain makes the domestic. In his case the room is a bridge for realising the objects he needs in direct surroundings. So were ever you are, with time and ideas you can make the domestic yourself.

You can see the movie at DMY Youngsters, Arena and at Heinz Minki, DMY extended location.

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