Thursday, 19 March 2009

Does anybody know the actual dimensions of the heater?

Hallo everybody,

Jorge suggested to me if I would like to participate in the dmy-project with my work (un)floor; (the work I showed in Purmerend and with which I haven't been 100% pleased with its execution / presentation there).

Anyway, it seems like it can fit very well in the concept of 'domestic making'. After all a house starts with a floor and the Sandberg floor is a bit upside-down excactly as my work. (sorry... just joking)

But unfortunately, I do not have much time for this project and I would like to make up my mind quite soon, so here is the question:
Does anybody know the actual dimension of the heater?
If I am going to remake + show (un)floor the heater is going to be the reference / relational element to begin from.



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  1. i think remaking your floor is a great idea !
    about the dimensions im afraid i can help....


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