Tuesday, 24 March 2009

form schets

saron and me are gooing to make a small model of the space to present something to the curators ........but i think to make a good expo design ..that works for all the works we need
basic things (practical) what are the messurments of the work .....? is it hanging on the wall etc
and a list of people how are in the dmy expo ......xxx

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  1. Hey, I am pondering maybe we should all make up our mind on the venue matter since there are 2 diverse exhibition areas. Then, it will be more easier for the coordinating team to organise and plan the big picture of the space. Furthermore, the idea of the sticker-shaped wallpaper is quite interesting for publicity. However, is it possible to let every participant come up with it's own idea in presentation & demonstration? I believe everyone knows their work well since we are a bunch of autonomous creators, right? I sugger we can all have some rough image of the final result of our works. For example, Illumination (spot light, ambient light, in the dark), position(wall, floor, ceiling, in the air), relationship with each work(single object, theme, context/ phenomena), interation with the audience, distance (not interfere with others), etc,.


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